Expect Good Things.

At DRB we believe creating a better world is not beyond our collective ability to apply inspiration and action. 

About Us

Our Experience

We have worked in the intersection of technology and the public sector for over 15 years and worked in: 

  • Strategic Planning and Enterprise IT Governance;
  • Project Management and Audit; 
  • Product  and Business Development; 
  • CRM and Donor Management;
  • Agile Development  

We have experience in numerous  technology projects for enterprises in the commercial, government and nonprofits sectors. We utilize a network of resource with a wide variety of skills he is able to bring the right people, tools and processes to any project to ensure success.  

Our Approach

For strategic planning, tactical implementation and everything in between, we provide focused, balanced support for your objectives.  Contact us now to discuss your objectives and how we can support you with a range of services and experience.

Why Us?

With an international network of consultants based in North America, Asia and Europe, we are uniquely positioned to support your needs around the clock and around the globe. We bring this diversity of perspective to ensure success in diverse environments.